Jojo Moyes “The Last Letter from your Lover”

The millions of readers around the world enjoy the books written by famous British novelist Jojo Moyes. Her novels are full of kindness, tenderness and love. They captivate you from the first pages and make the reading pleasurable.

“The Last Letter from your Lover” is one of these lovely books. It’s a nice novel about pure love.

Book “The Last Letter from your Lover” is the interlacing of two beautiful eras: present and sixties years of the 19th century.

Jennifer Sterling – elegant and beautiful woman, wife of a wealthy businessman, lover of social events – lived somewhere in London in the 60 years. Once she wakes up in a hospital bed after a car accident. Since then she clearly remembers her past and what it was like. Her husband and friends try to help her to remember her life before the accident.

She learned about her life almost everything that is possible, but the feeling of helplessness, a feeling of someone else’s life did not disappear. However, the outside world seems a stranger to her until she finds a letter addressed to her and signed only by one letter “B”. Jennifer tries to find a sender, because experiencing that with this person she felt herself really loved and happy.

“To have someone out there who understands you, who desires you, who sees you as a better version of yourself, is the most astonishing gift.”

But nowadays there is a young and beautiful journalist Ellie who works at the popular London newspaper. To save her career, she is looking for interesting material for newspaper. And at the archives she faced with the love letter from “B” to his beloved. Touched by this curious finding and captured by tenderness of feelings, Ellie seeks to find out the fate of separated lovers. She wants to write about this interesting story, and perhaps find a way out of difficult situations in her personal life.

These two impressive stories are closely intertwined in the novel “The Last Letter from your Lover” written by brilliant Jojo Moyes.

“A dramatic, romantic tale of lost love letters, broken hearts and hopeful outcomes… The story is incredibly moving, as Moyes explores the way that love and loss and a few words can make a new life or break a heart.” – Marie Claire

3 reasons to read:

  1. “The Last Letter from your Lover” is a perfectly written love story. This is a sensitive, romantic and fascinating story of pure love, sustained over time.
  2. The story is gradually revealed, and beckons to read on and on. As always in Moyes’ books. For good reason, she twice received the award from the Association of Writers of romantic in the category “Romantic Novel of the Year”.
  3. Binding of two eras is a kind of highlight of the book. This is a reflection of what relationships were in the time of the correspondence and secret dates, and now – in time when we express our feelings through the Messenger.

Score – 5/5

“The Last Letter from your Lover” is a great novel for fans of romantic stories, elegant courtship and sensitive letters.

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