The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan

What wonderful stories do the forgotten things preserve? Whether it’s a small puzzle element, or a bright umbrella, or even a box of cookies filled with human ashes. The main characters of the book The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan do not only collect them, but also tell the stories about them.

Ruth Hogan is an English writer. She studied English and Drama at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Ruth Hogan didn’t begin her literary career immediately, she worked for ten years in a senior local government position. But when she was thirty, she had a car accident which convinced her to start writing seriously.

Since childhood, Ruth loves literature and fascinates by collecting various things, then she began posting photos of lost things to her Instagram-account. In 2017 this interesting hobby was turned into the book The Keeper of Lost Things.

Working on his debut novel helped her to survive the numerous chemotherapy when her cancer was diagnosed. And sleepless nights were released into the touching story of immortal love.

The book became a sensation and was highly praised by critics and most international editions were published together with the publication in English. Including the Ukrainian publication.

What is the book The Keeper of Lost Things about?

At the heart of the novel is a story about a writer Anthony Pardew. In one day he lost everything dearest to him: his fiancée Teresa dies before the wedding and her locket also had disappeared. Anthony left alone with the pain of irreparable loss and guilt in his lonely villa of Padua with a rose garden. In searching of the locket, Anthony ran across many different little things and started to collect them in the hope to return to their owners. And it was not just for fun, it helped him to live.

However, Anthony knows that he could not do it for long. Therefore, left a strange testament, in which he asks his assistant Laura to find owners of the lost things. Because if that can make happy at least one person, at least heal one broken heart, it will make all his stuff invaluable.

This strange request is Laura’s second chance for happy life, as well as her own story is full of different things and unrealized dreams. And this treatment will cause some radically changes in her life, she’ll find friends and love. And most importantly – she will teach that it is worth trying and not give up.

The Keeper of Lost Things – is like a cocktail of family secrets, richly colored with happiness, human kindness, and humor, with a little mystery for taste, and in addition lightly decorated with fragrant roses. It looks so good and has a delicious aftertaste.

As Ruth Hogan said, it’s a story about love and about ghosts, is the story of how people and lost things find their home. Its’s a story about the possibilities and the incredible discoveries. The novel will be liked by fans of books with interesting and unusual stories, with selective intelligent humor. In addition, this book is perfect for tea with  “the lovely cup of tea” 😉

For a pleasant spent time and incredible story this book received mark 4/5

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