The Horse Dancer by Jojo Moyes

Think of yourself as a teenager. What dreams, desires, and aspirations did you have? Maybe you wanted to be a movie or pop star, or even a doctor or an astronaut? For example, the heroine of the book The Horse Dancer by Jojo Moyes wants to learn classical horse riding at the elite Academy Cadre Noir in France. Well, we are all different and unique, aren’t we? About the complicated story of dreams’ realization and renewing the family in the book The Horse Dancer read below.

Almost everyone has heard about Jojo Moyes. She is a popular English novelist and journalist. For ten years she wrote for the daily British newspaper The Independent. And in 2002 she became a full-time novelist, and the same year she published her first book Sheltering Rain.

Her the most famous work is Me Before You, on the basis of which the same-name film was released in 2016. Moyes is one of only a few authors to have twice won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award by the Romantic Novelists’ Association. At the first time in 2004, and at the second – in 2011 for her novel The Last Letter From Your Lover.

She has already written 14 novels and most of them are bestsellers.

The Horse Dancer, novel, was published in 2009, and, as always, received nice reviews from readers and editors. For writing the book Jojo was inspired by a true story about Mecca Harris, a 14-year-old girl from Philadelphia who almost all her free time spent with the horses at the local stables. And – that Jojo loves horses and believes that they changed her life, so no wonder that horse riding is one of Jojo’s favorite activities for almost 30 years.

What is this book about?

The Horse Dancers is a tangle of two life stories. This is typical for almost all books by Jojo Moyes. And, of course, the main characters there – are women.

As noted, one of the heroines of the book is a 14-year-old Sarah. She is the granddaughter of Henri Lachapelle, once a talented horse rider. They live together in a small apartment in one of the most unprosperous areas of ​​London and care of a magical chocolate-colored horse. Sarah loves her horse and grandfather taught her all the nuances of horse riding. He contributed to the fact that Sarah has a desire to study at the elite Academy Cadre Noir.

Джоджо Мойєс "Танцующая с лошадьми"

Riding Boo lifted her away from everything that was annoying and grubby and depressing.

And when they have already started to plan a trip to France to enjoy the annual festival Carrousel – which, as known is an incredible show – a trouble happened. Her grandfather came to be at the hospital and since the girl has left alone. Without the support and money, it became hard to a little girl to take care not only of herself but also of her favorite horse.

However, at this moment Sarah meets Natasha Macauley, the other heroine of the novel. Natasha – a lawyer, who protects the children’ rights. While it has a brilliant career, her personal life is crashing down – she’s divorcing her husband and must share with him their common house. Despite her problems, Natasha decides to help the girl. She thought that it would be quickly and formally to shelter the girl somewhere – but fate configured differently. Natasha Mccauley and her husband Mac, the photographer, become temporary custodians for Sarah. Here Natasha’s adventures started  – take care of the girl, while she ever hadn’t the children, live with her ex-husband under the one roof, and also take care of the horse. An enchanting mixture with a drop of humor.

So different people with so different goals in life, but they’re connected by fate. And the fate does not just meet them but intends to change their lives. Life of Sarah, a loner and willful teenager, and life of Natasha, serious and business lady, but also such sensitive.

If you loved someone that much, should your environment become unimportant, the sacrifices you made disappear into your past?

For whom is the book?

Firstly, this book is for fans of Jojo Moyes’ books and her exciting and skillfully twisted stories. Secondly, this book combines lives of two dissimilar each other heroines, and this is very interesting. And thirdly, if you’re a fan of romantic literature, how can you bypass this bestseller by Moyes?

The Horse Dancer is a masterfully written story with a complex plot, various twists of fate and live emotions. This book is filled both with happy and sad moments. And yet, this book shows that in the world there are many things that we should appreciate and protect, and among them is a human kindness.

For the magical and exciting Jojo’s style and extraordinary story, the book The Horse Dancer deserves the mark 4/5.

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