St.Valentine’s Day in Lviv

To celebrate the Valentine’s Day in Lviv? Why not? That’s what we have decided and purchased tickets for the morning electric train from Mukachevo to Lviv. And at 11 o’clock we have arrived and enjoyed the picturesque romantic atmosphere of the city.

On our way to the city center, we saw the church of Saints Olga and Elizabeth – a charming neo-Gothic church, which is the tallest building in the city (88 meters). Its high peaked spires stretching to the blue sky, the narrow reticulate windows, portals with roses fascinate your mind.

lvivchurch lvivchurch1 lvivchurch3

The other monumental building is Cathedral of St. George. It’s a part of the complex, which belongs to the World Heritage List by UNESCO. Cathedral is made in a baroque-rococo style and impresses with its size and distinctive national characteristics.



Citizens of Lviv love coffee and various tasty pastries. Cozy cafeterias are almost everywhere.

“How is it to be in Lviv and don’t drink a cup of aromatic coffee?”, – we thought and searched for a cozy cafe. Reaching the downtown, we went to “Lvivska Kopalnia Kavy” (Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture) to taste the fragrant and delicious coffee, just extracted from Lviv field. By the way, this place is on the list of top 5 coffee shops of the city.

Interesting design of cafeteria, relaxing music and here-and-there foreign languages are heard – all of these remind you that Lviv is a European city.

Enjoyed our coffee, we headed towards the hotel “Jam” to leave our small backpacks in the booked room. I, personally, was surprised since the first minute of our arrival to the hotel – we were greeted by a smiling doorman, opening the door for us. However, we’re making steps into Europe.

Ask any of Lviv residents where to go, and all in one voice tell you – go up the “Vysokyi Zamok” (High Castle). This viewing platform is on a height of 413 meters on the top of the Zamkova Mountain (Castle Mountain). The observation deck offers you beautiful views of the Lviv, of its old center and modern surroundings.

Had walked a lot, we decided to relax in one of the top steak-houses in city – Mons Pius. There we tasted “grzaniec” – hot beer with spices and honey. We tasted sweet linden and scented lemon. You will like this unusual drink for sure, because it comes from Poland and is similar to mulled wine.

Didn’t stay too long, we went to the Lviv Opera House to enjoy the opera “Carmen” – a creation of artist Georges Bizet based on the similar novel of Prosper Merimee. If you have not been to the opera yet, you absolutely should go there to feel superior harmony of speech, stage performance and music.



Spiritually enriched, we decided to eat something delicious. But have walked a lot up and down the city, we were pretty tired, so we took with us a delicious pizza and a bottle of red wine, and went to our hotel. We enjoyed our improvised dinner during the romantic film “The Vow” with Rachel Mc Adams and Channing Tatum.

On the next morning, we had a nourishing breakfast, and then walked to the Potocki Palace – one of the city sightseeings, made in the style of French Baroque classicism.


Another landmark was the Garrison church of Peter and Paul, also known as Jesuit Church. It was designed by Giacomo Briand and is considered as the first baroque church on the territory of modern Ukraine.

At Market Square there are many buildings in the style of the Renaissance. One of these houses is the Korniakt Palace, also called as Korolivska Kamianytsia. Now it is a Lviv History Museum

lviv2 lviv1

Inside one of these buildings there is a famous Italian courtyard – remarkably similar to the typical patios of Florence and Rome. This is a great cozy place for a quiet holiday. In the warmer months there is outdoor cafe and concerts are performed.

 Interesting feature of Lviv is “Vernissage”. It’s a market where you can buy paintings, art products, souvenirs and antiques to decorate your home interior or make presents for your friends.

Walked around the city, enjoying its architecture and welcoming atmosphere, we visited the cafe “Mapa”. As always in Lviv there are delicious coffee, nice design and friendly people.

On this beautiful moment our weekend came to the end, and we, satisfied with our vacation, went to the train station.


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