Ruth Ware “In A Dark, Dark Wood”

In a dark, dark wood… No, there is no fox… In a dark, dark wood there is a glass house, where the cheerful company is celebrating a hen party, and there is a murder. Yes, you are right, a murder. About this a British writer Ruth Ware wrote in her book “In A Dark, Dark Wood”.

“In A Dark, Dark Wood” is the debut novel by Ruth Ware. It’s occurred in the list of best sellers of The New York Times, The Sunday Times, USA Today, and the Los Angeles Times at once since it was published. A National Public Radio admitted this novel as the best book of 2015. Today the adaptation of the novel is preparing in Hollywood, and the translation rights are already bought by 30 countries.

So, what is this book about?

The main character is Leonora Show, a 26-year-old young writer. She lives in London, goes jogging almost every day and loves coffee.

“It’s a good existence for a writer, in many ways – alone with the voices in your head, the characters you’ve created. In the silence, they become very real.”

Although she likes to spend time alone, but received an invitation to a hen party of her former school friend Claire, she decided to spend a weekend in a country house in Northumberland. While it seemed a little bit odd, because she has not seen Claire almost 10 years.

November, Northumberland, English dense forests, modern glass house, loud company at a hen party – the weekend should be fun. But something went wrong … And in two days, Nora, injured and terrified, wakes up in the hospital. She vaguely remembers what happened, but instinctively feels that something terrible happened.

What has happened at the ordinary hen party? Ruth Ware offers us to discover this in her interesting, exciting and masterfully written novel with hints of thriller and detective.

If you are not intrigued by the story yet, here are 3 reasons why you definitely should read this book:

  1. This novel is a debut work for Ruth Ware, who inspired by classics of detective genre and sharpened her style in order to write an interesting book that is worthy for attention. No wonder that the novel occurred in the best-seller lists =)
  2. The book is masterfully written. It combines ordinary characters and an unusual story. Book gradually unfolds the story to our eyes, and also keeps us tense, but with pleasure.
  3. If you’re a fan of modern detectives and thrillers, and you like books like “Girl on The Train” by Paula Hawkins and “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn, you’ll definitely enjoy the book “In The Dark, Dark Wood”

Total score – 5/5

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