October Favorites

ocober favorites

October is a gorgeous autumn month when the sun is slightly pleases us with its warmth. Everything around is covered with golden and red colors. This is the time when walking in the park became a little bit special because the “autumn rug” is rustling under your foot. In October the world celebrates Halloween – a modern holiday that comes back to Celtic times. Of course, there are many other beautiful things in October. So here is a list of my October Favorites.



In October I have enjoyed a book «The Winner’s Game» by American writer Kevin Alan Milne. On the one hand this book is dramatic and touching. And on the other – it’s a motivational book that tells us that even in the most difficult situation we can find a way.

This book is about importance of giving happiness to your loved ones and creating little miracles for them every day. The heart of the book is a story about a family that is going through some disagreements – daughter’s disease, constant quarrels between children and marriage, which nearly destroyed. For Ann, who is 17 years old, this summer may be the last one in her life, because she needs a new heart. Therefore, the family decides to spend a summer at the grandmother’s house by the ocean to relax and regain harmony in their relationships. And the founded grandmother’s diary will help them with this.



In October there was the world premiere of the movie “Inferno” – the continuing of adventures of Robert Langdon. The film is based on the book “Inferno” by Dan Brown and directed by Ron Howard. The main role in the movie is played by Tom Hanks, which harmoniously fit the character of the lover of puzzles. Felicity Jones played his partner in the search of mystic Inferno.

Hence the movie is based on Dan Brown’s book, the screenwriters slightly adjusted the story and course of events. Therefore, for total immersion into the secret atmosphere I recommend you to read the book first, and then enjoy the “Inferno” movie.

My rating – 7/10



Again movie, but for this time the documentary – “Before the Flood”, the producer and protagonist of which was Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo as the U.N. Messenger of Peace on Climate Change travels around the worlds – from snow-covered Greenland to the rainforests of Sumatra, to show that our home is in decline. And we’re guilty for that – we do not cherish the environment, do not care about nature, only destroy the ecosystems. So Leonardo speaks with activists, scientists and leaders of the world, such as Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Pope Francis. Together with the scientists, he comprehensively examines the problem to find the answer on the question: what can we do until it’s not too late? The film is supported by the National Geographic – one of the largest scientific and educational organizations in the world.

My rating – 10/10



Favorite TV-series in October is “Chef’s table”. It’s the popular series from Netflix studio directed by David Gelb. This series introduces to us the famous chefs from around the world – from gastronomic France and Italy to exotic Brazil and Thailand. Each series is dedicated to one chef, his/her life and favorite work. They reveal to us culinary arts, fascinate and inspire to create. As of 2016 there are three seasons that consist of 16 episodes. The fourth season will be presented in 2017. Most of the episodes filmed in English, with subtitles available.

My rating 10/10


The single “Little Me” by British pop group “Little Mix, former members of the British talent show The X Factor.



In the fall, our skin needs care as well as in other seasons. Moisture gentle creams from Avon will help you. They’re available in several versions – with extracts of chamomile or dog-rose, cocoa butter or aloe. Each of them has a pleasant flavor and delicate texture. Take care of your skin and love yourself!



Something tasty for the end. In October I have tried to make a tiramisu cake, which was so good. This one is a something like modification of the legendary Italian dessert tiramisu. The main features of this cake is its soft biscuits and delicate cream.

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