July Favorites

A good part of  summer has already passed away, and the warm July days are behind. July brought me a lot of impressions and positive emotions. Therefore it’s time to recall my July favorites, that gave me joy and smile.



Favorite book of July is “Martin Eden” by Jack London. This is a novel about a young sailor who trying to become a famous writer to change his class position and conquers the love of girl. Struggle for a better life, hard work and young boy’s ideology, are brilliantly represented by Jack London. People say that the novel is partly autobiographical, because the protagonists of the novel and its author have a lot in common – both are natives from unprivileged people and they become successfull by own efforts.



“That which you believe becomes your world”

Richard Matheson “What Dreams May Come”



In July I have watched the romantic film “Me Before You” directed by Thea Sherrok and based on the same name famous novel by Jojo Moyes. This is an appealing story of a 26-year Louise Clarke, who for some reasons has to work for William Traynor, who is paralyzed after an accident. This moment changes their lives; soon they become friends and develop feelings to each other. “Me Before You” is a heartbreak story that will not leave your heart untouched, and your eyes dry. If you are a fan of Jojo Moyes or simply love melodrama – you definitely should check out this film.



In July I have discovered  the American TV series “Breaking Bad”. This is a crime drama with elements of thriller and black humor. Events are unfolding in the town of Albuquerque in New Mexico. The main character is a school chemistry teacher Walter White, who was diagnosed with cancer of the lungs. To ensure the financial future of his family, he and his former student Jesse Pinkman begin to produce and sell the methamphetamine. Drugs, crime, family drama are the dangerous mix that brought the popularity of the series, which is one of the 10 best TV-series according to IMBd.


How can I get to know the whole world? “Read a book from each country!” – tell you Ann Morgan, writer and editor, master of English literature. In 2012 she created the project «A Year of Reading the World”, with the idea in a year to read a book from all the 196 countries of the UN list. With the help of people, she discovered the works of many well-known and unknown, and even not translated into English authors. According to Ann, the project helped her to understand the world and people of different nations better.




In July, I decided to have a vocation, and together with my boyfriend visit the magical Prague. Of course famous drinks of Czech Republic are strong herbal liqueur Becherovka, variety of beers and more. But in July, I tried a delicious and new coffee drink from one of the famous coffee shops Starbucks – Frappuccino Mocha Cookie Crumble. This is a mix of coffee, milk, ice, vanilla syrup, Mocha-sauce and small cookie crumbles. Decorated with whipped cream and chocolate cookies crumbles, this frappuccino looks like a dessert. If you have the opportunity, be sure to try this coffee drink.



Favorite food of July is also a native of the Czech Republic. This trdelnik or trdlo is a traditional Czech pastry in the shape of a cylinder, which is baked in a special oven, grill or on charcoal. This crunchy bun sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar or nuts and filled with various fillings – chocolate, ice cream, fruit and more.

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