July Favorites

Already the sunny July is behind and therefore it’s time to tell about July Favorites, which pleasured me in these hot summer days.


Favorite book of July – “The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair” (La Vérité sur l’Affaire Harry Quebert). It’s written by the famous Swiss writer Joel Dicker. This book is an intriguing detective investigating the murder which caused 30 years ago. The most exciting thing is that the investigation is lead not by a cool detective who helps the police, but a young writer – Marcus Goldman. It makes the plot a little bit unusual and more interesting – here you will find a mix of a detective, “forbidden love” and true friendship, stories about creative successes and decays. My rating – 5/5


I would like to mention two films, that I have watched in July – “The Founder” and “Diana, our mom: her life and heritage”.

“The Founder” is an American biographical film directed by John Lee Hancock. The film tells about Ray Kroc, the man who created the famous fast-food restaurant – McDonald’s. We used to think that these were McDonald’s brothers. This, of course, is true – they created the idea of ​​a family fast food cafeteria and the “Speedy” system. But it was Ray Kroc who created the whole network of these restaurants and made them a unique symbol of the United States, made a real cult of McDonald’s. My rating – 9/10.

The second film – “Diana, our mom: her life and heritage” – is a documentary film from the HBO channel. This film will for the first time present some details of the royal family life, as well as other interesting moments of Princess Diana’s life and work. The whole story is told by her sons – Prince William and his brother Prince Harry. My rating – 10/10.


Of course, the favorite TV series of July is “The Game of the Thrones”, because of the seventh season of the popular fantasy saga from George Martin. This is well captured and exciting series with wonderful actors, so who have not already seen this serial, I definitely recommend.


We know a lot about hygiene – wash your hands with soap, take care of your teeth, etc. But we do not care about emotional hygiene at all. Although it is worthwhile because emotional health also plays an important role in our lives and we must take care of it. This is an interesting video from the psychologist Guy Winch regarding this issue.


July track from the Ukrainian electro-folk group “ONUKA” under the name “VSESVIT“. This is a harmonious blend of electronic music with folk motifs.


I like coffee, and in summer you’d like to drink something cold. So I make myself a coffee milkshake. All you need is coffee, milk, ice cream, whipped cream, vanilla extract, and chocolate. You can only use coffee, milk and ice cream. So, blend the ice cream with milk and vanilla extract. Pour into a glass, then slowly pour coffee, add topped cream and decorate with grated chocolate or sugar sprinkles. A delicious and cool cocktail is ready! What do you like to drink when hot summer is outside?

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