Jojo Moyes “Me Before You”

Jojo Moyes is one of the brilliant representatives of contemporary literature. Her books are impressionable and touching. “Me Before You” is one of them. It’s in the list of New York Times bestsellers and has been translated to more than 30 languages. This is a book about love that changes lives.

Love … It burst into Louise Clark’s life when she did not even expect. She is a young 26-year-old girl who loves fashion and bright clothes, lives with her parents, grandfather and sister, in a small town Stortford, near London. Lou, as she called by her family, working in local cafeteria The Buttered Bun, and not even think about how surrounding world is huge and beautiful.

Apart from an exotic taste in clothes, and the fact that I’m a bit short, there’s not a lot separating me from anyone you might pass in the street. You probably wouldn’t look at me twice. An ordinary girl, leading an ordinary life. It actually suited me fine.

Instead, Will Traynor, a handsome 31-year-old businessman, knows. He does not waste time and take everything from life as most possible.

You only get one life. It’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.

But a motorcycle accident changes everything, and once light-hearted Will now feels only pain and his inability, while paralyzed and confined with wheelchair. For him life became meaningless.

However, he did not even expect that soon the fortune will rush to his house as charming Lou, who will bring the joy and colors. For both this meeting will turn everything upside down, and make to pass the difficult path that will change their lives.

Push yourself. Don’t settle. Just live.

“Me Before You” is a heartfelt story about love that will not leave your heart indifferent, and your eyes dry. Especially after watching the movie “Me Before You” based on this book starring with talented Emilia Clark and Sam Claflin.


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