Jack London “Martin Eden”

“Martin Eden” is on the top among the creative works by Jack London, American writer, whose life is as fascinating as the history of his heroes.

The main character of the novel, Martin Eden, is a young sailor who according to certain circumstances, visit the house of Morse family. There he met with beautiful Ruth.  This charming and educated girl opens to Martin a fascinating world of art and literature.

 “He had been perturbed always by a feeling of unrest, had heard always a call of something from beyond, and had wandered on through life seeking it until he found books and art and love”.

Martin wants to win the heart of Ruth and change his class affiliation.  That’s why he aspires to become a famous writer and accumulate some wealth. After all, as Ruth’s parents says “for happiness you need money, our world is arranged so… not millions, not, just enough money to live well and comfortably.”

Because Eden is a rough, uneducated sailor from a working-class background and the Morses are a bourgeois family, a union between them would be impossible unless and until he reached their level of wealth and refinement.

Martin Eden, this simple boy with tanned weather-beaten face whom awkward comes to Morse’s living room, immediately attracts our sympathy; and the sincerity of his heart, hard work and dedication in achieving the goal – causes admiration.

Passing through the ordeal and making the enormous efforts, the hero reaches the goal and makes his dreams comes true. But he’s coming to the understanding that success, fame, money – everything, what he wanted – are the false values that ravaged soul.

As author said, this novel is a kind of “tragedy of loner, trying to bring the truth to world.” According to some sources, this novel is partially autobiographical. As the hero of the novel and its author were the ordinary people whom by their own efforts have built a career and gain the fame.

“Martin Eden” is a book that tells us that not everything we want, especially wealth and fame, bring us happiness and joy. Although, “depending on the soul, each of us has its own wisdom.”


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