Italian holidays

Italy is a colorful country which has a magical nature, exquisite architecture and delicious cuisine. Italy is a country from the list “definitely to visit” and “I will definitely be back here again.”

That’s why we choose this country and decided to have the “Italian holidays”.

Some great moments from our trip you can see in this video:

Our route was a quite simple:

  • Mukachevo → Kosice (Ukrainian bus)
  • Kosice → Milan (air flight WizzAir)
  • Milan → Venice (MegaBus)
  • Venice → Florence (MegaBus)
  • Florence → Rome (MegaBus)
  • Rome → Milan (MegaBus)
  • Milan →  Kosice (air flight WizzAir)
  • Kosice → Mukachevo (Erabus)

Most of the tickets were taken early for low prices and this greatly saves money on transportation between cities. However, local transport is rather expensive – little by little a tidy sum shows up, while you move around the city by bus and subway. Price for single fare on the subway – from € 1,50 per person, 24 hours ticket in Rome (bus + metro) costs €7  per person.

Transportation costs also include the shuttles to/from the airport. The contrast in prices is seeing between Slovakia and Italy – transfer from the center of Kosice to the airport cost around € 0.50 per person, and from Bergamo airport to Milan Central Station – € 5 per person for one way ticket.

As for accommodation, here we have used different types. At first, couchsurfing – a superior service to meet local residents, enjoy their hospitality and stay as gest at host’s house. This service helped us meet Diego, and stay for a night at his apartment in Milan. At his apartment we met couples from Poland and USA. So that was a cross continental meeting.

Secondly, Airbnb – a search service for rooms or entire apartments at local citizens. Sometimes prices are much cheaper than hotels. This service we used for searching the accommodations in Florence and Rome. If you want $ 35 discount of for your first trip, get it here – =)

Thirdly, we used – a great site to search for hotels, hostels and apartments by different price and criteria. By using it, we found a lovely camping in the courtside of Venice and hostel in Kosice.

An important element of any travel is food. There are many variant to eat by low prices – supermarkets, street food, cafeterias, pizzerias and so on. It is worth noting that the prices in Italy are quite nice – we found a large piece of pizza for € 1.70, espresso for € 0.80 and wonderful Italian ice cream gelato € 2 per serving. Therefore, even with a limited budget, you can “feel” the taste of Italy =)

To join the beautiful, it’s not necessarily to attend all the existing museums in Italy. First of all, this pleasure is not from cheap – entrance for popular museums or galleries are from € 10 for ticket,  and it guarantee you a great crowd and long wait times at queue. Secondly, many architectural monuments and beautiful places are free to visit. So take up a camera with you and go for search of beauty =)

What to take with you as memory of the city? Everything what your heart desires – magnets, cards, jewelry – the price of € 0.80 per unit.

Our “Italian holidays” lasted for 11 wonderful days and spent costs you can see below:

Transportation costs (between cities):

  • Ukrainian transport – 784 UAH
  • Air flights from WizzAir – € 40
  • European Transport MegaBus – € 12

Local transport, transfers – € 65

Accommodation – € 252


  • supermarkets – € 78
  • cafes, pizzerias, restaurants – € 147

Museums, churches, etc. – € 54

Souvenirs, gifts – € 98

So, in sum –  € 746 and 784 UAH for two.

More details about our adventures in Italy you can read soon.


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