How to think positive

Probably, you have heard or read that positive thinking affects our health and successfulness. And this is true. Scientists have proved that people who think positively are healthier and happier than those who block their positive thoughts. In addition, people who look at life with a positive attitude are more successful in both professional and personal life.

Positive thinking is a kind of state of mind, when you find something good in things that happening around you, when you are set for good and favorable results. This is the process of creating the positive thounght and its further transformation into a positive energy that will inspirit and motivate you.

That is why the concept of positive thinking is so popular, there are a lot of books, programs and courses that teach how to change life for the better and be happy.

After all, positive thinking has many advantages. First, there will be less stress, and accordingly you have stronger health. Second, positive thinking makes us more confident in themselves and our abilities, and therefore we became more successful. Third, positive-minded people attract good people. This list can go on and on.

But more importantly is to know how to set oneself up for positive thinking. So, here are few key-points for positive thinking:

Start the day with positive words

Waking up, tell yourself: “Today is a wonderful day,” “Today I will do something great”, and you will see how such small and perhaps primitive words will set a positive rhythm for the whole day.

Refer to yourself with positive

Each of us speaks to ourselves and often in negative form: “I can’t”, “I don’t know”, “I’m bad”, etc. We should refocus these negative words into positive – “I can”, “I will learn and be capable to do it”, “I will be better!” If you will configure yourself on the positive and good things, the more confident you will be and the more effective your actions will be. Believe in yourself, set yourself up for success and you will succeed!

Add positive in your daily communication and smile more

Try to use more polite words when communicating with family, friends and even strangers. Good words set up a good thought, and consequently a positive mood for the day. Smile is important; coz the smile attracts good emotions!

Focus on the good things, even for little ones

Sometimes it happens that the day didn’t go well. But what does stop us to make it wonderful? Find the positive and good things in different moments of your day. If you are stuck in traffic or waiting for the bus for a long time, think about how to spend this time – you can listen to your favorite podcast or train new foreign words on Memrise.

Turn your failures into lessons

No one is perfect, and this is common for us to make mistakes. Instead of focusing on your failures, better think about what you do for the next time. Turn your failures into lessons; however we learn from our mistakes.

Focus on the present

This refers to the present, not today, not these hour or minute. Often we dwell on the past or in the coming future, forgetting about the present. We can’t change the past despite we want to, but we can create the future. And we are creating it now, so add positive into your present to make a joyful future!

Visualize your dreams

Imagine who you want to be or what you want to achieve. The brighter you imagine the better it be. After all, when you clearly know what you want, it is easier to achieve this. Let it be a motivating factor for your further action.

Of course, these are not all the advice, but they’re worth to try. And do not forget: today is the result of yesterday’s thoughts, and how you will live tomorrow depends on today’s thoughts. So think positively!

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