Honeymoon in Paris and Paris For One by Jojo Moyes

Paris is considered as the most romantic city in the world. Everything here is covered with romance, charming music is in the air, and heart is filling with love. So, it is not surprising that the events in the books Honeymoon in Paris and Paris For One by Jojo Moyes are unfolding here, in Paris.

Jojo Moyes – a popular English novelist, journalist. For ten years she wrote for the daily British newspaper The Independent. And in 2002 she became a full-time novelist, and in that year her first book Sheltering Rain was published. Her the most famous work is Me Before You, on the basis of which the same-name film was released in 2016. Moyes is one of only a few authors to have twice won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award by the Romantic Novelists’ Association. At the first time in 2004, and at the second – in 2011 for her novel The Last Letter From Your Lover. She has written 14 novels and most of them are bestsellers.

She has published her novellas Honeymoon in Paris in 2012 and Paris For One in 2016.

The first book, Honeymoon in Paris, is a prequel novella to The Girl You Left Behind. This is a story about two girls – Liv and Sophie. They’re from the different times: Sophie is a 19th-century French provincial beauty with a stubborn character, and Liv is a young lady from the contemporary 20th century. They both have just married and now spend their honeymoons in Paris. Sophie seeks to escape from pompous aristocracy away and return to her native town, and Liv – rather wants to enjoy the beauty and luxury of this charming city. What is a common between them? Both are living in hope for a happy family life. And even if not everything goes smoothly, the marriage – is the great art of compromise. So both of them have something to learn.

Another novella is Paris For One. This is the story about Nell, modest and prudent girl. She likes to make a detailed plan for everything. Being in a relationship with a guy that likes to travel and make the unusual tricks, she dares for a brave step for her. To prove not only to him but also to herself hat she is not afraid of adventures, she organized a weekend-trip to Paris. But, of course, everything doesn’t go according to her plan, and she goes to Paris alone. There are the numerous adventures waiting for her, which she will be remembered for a long time. New places, new people, new emotions.

In general, there are gently novellas that will please admirers of romantic literature and subtle humor. Excellent collection for spring or summer time when you want to read something light and unpretentious. Incredible Moyes’ style that captures. And all these vivid descriptions of Paris! You’re plunging into its atmosphere, walk along with heroines on its streets, admire the Eiffel Tower and drink coffee with a croissant at a small cozy cafe. Even these captivate you for reading. Maybe the plot of Paris For One seems a bit trivial, but it will certainly causes you to smile. In contrast, another story Honeymoon in Paris – is a laconic and full of deeper meanings. It raised the question of family life, it teaches patience and the need to compromise in relationships, to trust each other and do not make hasty actions.

Therefore, this French romantic cocktail by Jojo Moyes received the mark 4/5.

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