Eugen O. Chirovici “The Book of Mirrors”

As in the room of false mirrors you can see a variety of strange reflections, the eyewitnesses can tell you the different variations of the same event. In the intellectual thriller “The Book of Mirrors”  Eugen O. Chirovici reveals the mysterious story of murder nearly 30 years ago and its unexpected answers.

Eugen O. Chirovici is a Romanian writer and journalist, author of fifteen books. Before he decided to devote his free time for writing, he was a reporter for the daily newspaper The National Courier.

He also worked for BBC Romania radio and Radio Free Europe, was an adviser to Prime Minister of Romania in the early 2000’s and Project Manager at Channel News B1TV.

In 2017 his detective novel “The Book of Mirrors” was published, an idea of which he created in 2014. Intrigued by the ability of the human brain not only to store information but also to decorate it and falsify, he created an intellectual thriller. His book became an excitement and one of the most expected events of this winter. Currently, “The Book of Mirrors” is the author’s first novel, written in English. It has been already translated into nearly 40 languages.

What is this book about?

The literary agent, journalist, and former police officer are investigating the murder. A strange set of “detectives”, isn’t it?

One night in 1987, famous Professor Joseph Wieder was brutally murdered in his home. And this case isn’t solved.

 And after 27 years, Richard Flynn is writing a memoir about his time at Princeton in the late 80s, documenting his relationship with the professor, and sends a piece of his manuscript to a literary agent Peter Katz. When the publisher became interested in the manuscript, it’s too late. The author of the memoirs dies. A continuation of the manuscript mysteriously disappears.

The young journalist John Keller is trying to find a manuscript and write a whole story. Later, Roy Freeman, officer working with this case in 1987, continues to investigate the murder. He wants to find the murderer and uncover the terrible truth.

Three different men are interested in discovering the story, which has an incredible number of alternatives. Because each of the former defendants or witnesses said their own version of events. And whom they should believe? It seems like all heard can be both true and false.

Our memory isn’t a video camera that records everything that passes in front of the lens… But more like a screenwriter and director all rolled into one, who make up their own movies from snatches of reality.

Intricate, unusual story with a complex interplay of life ways of heroes, somehow connected with the killed professor. Reading this book you can feel like you’re a detective and try to unravel this tangled history. This psychological detective novel is recommended to people who like secrets and to reveal them. It’s a detective story not from the series “who did it” but “why they did it”.
There is a large number of facts about the life of the main characters with detailed description of the events before the professor’s death. But still the story is dynamic and page by page beckons to dive into the depths of human consciousness. For the curious and twisted plot with the opportunity to think about the motives, I gave the rate – 4/5.

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