10 best sites for learning English

English is the most popular foreign language, it’s studied by millions of people worldwide. English language is called global, because it is used in various spheres of human activity: from science and arts to business and tourism. Since learning English is very common nowadays, there is a lot of services that make the learning process more interesting, exciting and effective.

So here’s a list of 10 best sites for learning English:

  1. Learn English – wonderful project created by British Council. It’s created to teach English language worldwide. Here you can find a lot of of material to study grammar and vocabulary of English. Also you can watch the interesting videos and play games to learn material better.
  2. Learning English from the BBC is the world-famous service for learning English language and culture. This service offers the different levels of learning in the form of courses. Courses consist of videos, grammar notes and exercises. The main feature of the project is the fact that the training is carried out not only by professional teachers, but also by volunteers from all over the world. They share their own experience of learning English as a foreign language.
  3. Engvid – free video tutorials in English. They are graded by level and English language skills. So you can learn the language according to your level, improve your particular skills or prepare to the international English test such as IELTS, TOEFL etc.
  4. Duolingo  is a popular free site for learning foreign languages. It based on gradually learning a foreign language from single words to whole sentences. In addition, each lesson has a short grammar-lexical note. You can use this service not only on the computer, but also download the app to your phone or tablet.
  5. Memrise – well-known site for learning vocabulary. You can choose from ready-made sets of words to study or create your own ones. The main feature of service is the algorithm of remembering the words – you train them step by step until they moved from short-term memory to long-term memory. For example, every day you have to practice previously studied words for 5-15 minutes to fix them in your long-term memory, and also learn the new ones. With this method you’ll remember the words better and also improve your memory. Main service is free.
  6. Lingualeo is a lovely site for learning English. Imagine, you travel through the Savannah and have a pal named Leo, which you should feed every day by doing the daily tasks. All tasks are made according to level of English and your interests. Here you can find a lot of video and audio materials, interesting texts for reading, and many trainings for memorizing words and grammar with joy. Some of the functionality is free, and this service can also be used on mobile devices by downloading the app.
  7. If you like to listen to music, connect this pleasure with studying. Lyrics Training will help you with this. It’s a site for learning a foreign language through the songs. You can choose any music video and the level of difficulty, then listen to music, sing along the lyrics and insert the missing words. In this way you can enjoy the music and learn language.
  8. English For Everyone – great site with various tasks in English, which you can print. Here you can find interesting worksheets for grammar and writing, reading and vocabulary, as well as many crosswords, puzzles and charades. All tasks are divided by levels and categories.
  9. Language Guide is an interactive glossary in pictures. With it you can learn new words and their pronunciation. Words are divided into thematic groups for better understanding, for example – our body, animals and more.
  10. To improve your English listening visit ESL-LAB. This site is created by English language teacher Randall Davis. Here are many short audio lessons with test tasks.

So, keep calm and learn English!


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