December Favorites

The new 2018 year has already begun, and therefore, it is worth summing up the last month of 2017. So here they are, my December favorites.


Among the several books read in December, I would like to highlight the book Murder on the Orient Express by the queen of the detective Agatha Christie. Of course, I’ve already seen a recent screen adaptation of this piece of work, and I definitely liked it. But, nevertheless, I wanted to read the very story written by Agatha. The story, of course, is known almost to all – a train, filled with people from different social levels, and there is s murder. And who like not the legendary Hercule Poirot, must to find the killer and solve this confused tangle.
If you are a fan of classic detectives, you should read it. My rating is 4/5.


Anyone who knows me, or who follows my posts about my favorites, knows that I am a fan of Star Wars. Therefore, it is not surprising that the favorite film of December is a recent movie – Star Wars. The Last Jedi. The famous continuation of history unfolds around Rey and Kylo Ren, as well as rebel opponents who try not to submit to the Supreme Order Army under the leadership of the mighty Snoke. Many argue that the saga began to focus more on adolescence, because it portrays the internal conflicts of young Jedi, the spiritual struggle between good and evil. At least as it was, the film was beautifully shot, and besides, new animals appeared here. So, if you have the opportunity, be sure to look this fantastic movie. My rating is 10/10.


Finally, in December, I have seen the Westworld. This is a popular American science-fiction television series, created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy for the HBO channel. The story unfolds in the fictitious and technically perfect World of the Wild West – an amusement park populated by androids – locals, in which the rich people, guests, have a rest and fun. Guests have the opportunity to dive into the world full of cowboys, rangers and criminals, enjoy the amazing nature of the walks, or jump into a local gable and entertain with beauties. And everything went well until something went wrong in the system, and somebody very clever did not realize that this park is not so simple.
Interesting and intriguing, so I recommend to view it. My rating is 10/10.


Do you like to watch videos that tell about the structure of the human body and its organs? If so, then it will be nice and it’s about how the muscular system works – created by TED-Ed.


So, the favorite music track of December was a composition from the new album EminemRevival” – “Walk On Water” featuring Beyoncé.

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