Dan Brown “Inferno”

“To reach paradise, man must pass through inferno.”

“Inferno” is the fourth novel by master of historical thriller Dan Brown in a series of books about Robert Langdon, professor of symbology from Harvard University. On this time the “modern Indiana Jones” in tweed jacket finds himself in Florence, and not at the luxury hotel but at the hospital with a head injury and retrograde amnesia. Interesting start, isn’t it?

The last thing Langdon remembers is that he was at the university campus, behold, he’s now in one of his favorite cities, and at the hospital. He has nightmares where gray-haired woman pleading for help and repeats the phrase “seek and find”. Also he’s oppressed by woman killer, which is certainly not going to make friends with him.

Doctor Siena Brooks helps Langdon to escape, and soon becomes his partner in this difficult situation. It’s not enough that someone pursues him and wants to kill. Someone else gave Langdon a cylinder projector with the Dante’s underworld – “Map of Hell » by Botticelli. Here the riddles begin.

“Remember tonight…for it’s the beginning of forever.” – Dante Alighieri

Someone leads them through a mystic way of well-known Dante’s “Divine Comedy” to get up to the Inferno. Inferno is a virus that made by famous geneticist and Swiss billionaire Bertrand Zobrist.

“Nothing is more creative… nor destructive… than a brilliant mind with a purpose.”

All this he did in order to save the Earth from overpopulation.

“Mankind, if unchecked, functions like a cancer… To do nothing is to welcome Dante’s hell … cramped and starving, weltering in Sin.”


Why you should read this book?

Firstly, if you enjoy adventure stories with a mix of history and mystery. And of course if you like Professor Robert Langdon.

Secondly, if you like puzzles, because the novel “Inferno” is full of mysteries and secrets, which you should unravel. All events are happening in such wonderful cities as Florence, Venice, Istanbul, so this adds even more mystery.

Thirdly, if you’re a fan of Dante and his “Divine Comedy”, you’ll like this book, because this great poet is always pops up in the book.

In general, “Inferno” is a blend of exciting adventures, historical facts and secrets, artistic arsenal and human life’s difficulties.

Score – 5/5


By the way, based on this book was made a film “Inferno” – a continuing of Robert Langdon’s adventures, with Ron Howard as director with Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones (Siena Brooks) in major roles.

The film a little bit different from book, written by Dan Brown, so I recommend  you to read the book before watch the film.

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