Winter holidays, snowy weather, aromatic hot tea, and of course gingerbreads. Sweet and delicious. And they can be in various forms – cute ginger men, new year tree, hearts, stars, etc.

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Chocolate-orange dessert

When it’s warm and sunny summer outside, we want to eat a cool and gently dessert, and delicious of course. Chocolate-orange dessert is one of the best desserts for hot summer.  This dessert is the combination of two cream-mousses: delicate chocolate and orange flavored.

Dessert has a rich chocolate taste, sweetness of which is perfectly accented by citrus flavor. Try to make this chocolate-orange dessert, and you will definitely like it!

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Cheesecake with strawberry jelly

Probably each of us at least once has tasted a cheesecake. There are a lot of variants of this wonderful cake, as well as recipes for its preparation. I had tried few of them and picked up the most common ingredients. Therefore, having at home cream cheese or cottage cheese, you can pamper yourself and cook a cheesecake with strawberry jelly.

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Apple pie

I love cooking, especially baking. Cakes, muffins, cookies – they are so delicious, mmm =)

So I want to share with you one of my favorite recipes.

Who loves apples and cakes, will definitely enjoy this tasty apple pie. This recipe is quite simple, and does not require much time and effort. So, let’s start)

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