10 best sites for learning English

English is the most popular foreign language, it’s studied by millions of people worldwide. English language is called global, because it is used in various spheres of human activity: from science and arts to business and tourism. Since learning English is very common nowadays, there is a lot of services that make the learning process more interesting, exciting and effective.

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How to think positive

Probably, you have heard or read that positive thinking affects our health and successfulness. And this is true. Scientists have proved that people who think positively are healthier and happier than those who block their positive thoughts. In addition, people who look at life with a positive attitude are more successful in both professional and personal life.

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July Favorites

A good part of  summer has already passed away, and the warm July days are behind. July brought me a lot of impressions and positive emotions. Therefore it’s time to recall my July favorites, that gave me joy and smile.

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Giveaway from Prague (update)

Hello my friends! Now we’re in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. It is one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in Europe. Prague is also called “the city of a hundred spiers”, which seemed like shining gem in the crown of Europe.

Prague is famous by its artistic artists. Among them is Marie Brozova – artist who creates incredible pictures with colored pencils.

That’s why we decided to run a giveaway – 5 postcards with pictures of her great works.

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June Favorites

The first month of summer was quite eventful and interesting. My birthday, launching a blog, the final episodes of the sixth season of “Games of Thrones”…  and, of course, a lot of things that I want to share with you. So,  there are my june favorites:

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April Favorites

April is the magic time when everything around is blossoming, overabounding and pleasing the eye. That’s why I want to share with you 5 favorite things which made me happy and delighted during this blooming month.

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