Charles Duhigg “The Power of Habit”

“Most of the choices we make each day may feel like the products of well-considered decision making, but they’re not. They’re habits. And though each habit means relatively little on its own, over time, the meals we order, what we say to our kids each night, whether we save or spend, how often we exercise, and the way we organize our thoughts and work routines have enormous impacts on our health, productivity, financial security, and happiness.”Charles Duhigg, Pulitzer prize winner, writes in his book “The Power of Habit”

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Jojo Moyes “The Last Letter from your Lover”

The millions of readers around the world enjoy the books written by famous British novelist Jojo Moyes. Her novels are full of kindness, tenderness and love. They captivate you from the first pages and make the reading pleasurable.

“The Last Letter from your Lover” is one of these lovely books. It’s a nice novel about pure love.

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Dan Brown “Inferno”

“To reach paradise, man must pass through inferno.”

“Inferno” is the fourth novel by master of historical thriller Dan Brown in a series of books about Robert Langdon, professor of symbology from Harvard University. On this time the “modern Indiana Jones” in tweed jacket finds himself in Florence, and not at the luxury hotel but at the hospital with a head injury and retrograde amnesia. Interesting start, isn’t it?

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Paula Hawkins “The Girl on the Train”

“The Girl on the Train” is a psychological thriller written by British writer Paula Hawkins. Published in 2015, this novel quickly gained the popularity and received a leading position in the bestsellers of “The New York Times” and “Amazon”. This novel has received favorable reviews from modern writers, even Stephen King said: “The Girl on the Train”, by Paula Hawkins: really great suspense novel. Kept me up most of the night.”

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Elle Luna “The Crossroads of Should and Must”

At some point in our lives each of us starts to feel that doesn’t live to the full, doesn’t use all the abilities, doesn’t do what loves. This phenomenon is familiar to all of us, or at least to those who are not afraid to admit it.

If you find yourself in this situation, be sure to read the book “The Crossroads of Should and Must. Find and Follow Your Passion” by writer, artist and designer Elle Luna.

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Richard Matheson “What Dreams May Come”

What happens with us after death? Is there life after death? Is there Heaven and Hell? On these and many other questions the American fiction writer Richard Matheson tried to answer. Examined many scientific and philosophical treatises about the human soul and its forms, about life and death, he wrote a brilliant novel “What Dreams May Come”.

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Jojo Moyes “Me Before You”

Jojo Moyes is one of the brilliant representatives of contemporary literature. Her books are impressionable and touching. “Me Before You” is one of them. It’s in the list of New York Times bestsellers and has been translated to more than 30 languages. This is a book about love that changes lives.

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