Austin Kleon “Steal Like An Artist”

“Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative” – the popular book by Austin Kleon. “Steal Like An Artist” is ranked among best sellers by version of The New York Times, and highly evaluated by critics.

Austin Kleon is well-known American writer and artist whose works inspire and motivate many people around the world. His works can be found in such famous news magazines like The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. The author is known around the world thanks to his extraordinary and creative thinking, his books are bestsellers and translated into more than 12 languages. Austin conducts seminars on creativity in such world famous companies as Google, Pixar, TEDx. Participation in these creative meetings had inspired him to write the book “Steal like an artist,” where he shares tips on how to release your creativity.

In his book, the author gladly shares advice that changed his life and career. He addresses his book to everyone who is trying to drop a little creativity in life and work. The book consists of 10 chapters – a lot of advice, or so-called creative tips. Austin told about his career, who and what had inspired him, and how he organizes his daily life.

Some of his advice that I liked the most:

  1. “You are, in fact, a mashup of what you choose to let into your life. You are the sum of your influences.”

As the German writer Goethe said, “We are shaped and fashioned by what we love”. So Austin recommends to emulate, to pattern yourself on those whom you admire – your parents, relatives, friends, or maybe scientists, actors, singers, businessmen, sportsmen and others. Steal from them not just a style, steal thinking behind this style. You do not want to look like your heroes; you want to see how they are. By copying their heroes, inspired by them, you will add a piece of yourself in everything you created (painting, music, work, business idea etc.) and therefore will create something new and original.

  1. “A artist is a collector”, so we have to search, discover and collect various information that we are interested in. The author advises to be interested in the world in which we live, learn constantly, read a lot, search and discover something new every day.

“Always read. The book is a lens through which you can look at the world. “

  1. Austin says that we should not wait long and delay our creativity and desire for the future; we should brace up and start doing something magical right now.

“Draw the art you want to see, make the music you want to hear, write the books you want to read.”

  1. “It’s also important to have a hobby. Something that’s just for you.”

Do not leave your aspirations unattended! Living creatively means not always sit in front of the easel, or by a musical device or PC… Live a creative life means to mix your creativity with real life routine. When you feel that you tucker out from routine – do some creative stuff, when you cannot find new ideas – turn to daily work (wash dishes, clean the room, walk a dog, etc.). As we know, brilliant ideas often come at a time when you do ordinary household things.

  1. “Geography is no longer our master”. When we have engaged in the same activity for a long period of time, our brain gets too comfortable in everyday surroundings. So you need to put it into uncomfortable conditions – spend time in a different environment, among other people who do not do what you’re doing. In this travelling can help you. Travel compels us to see the world in new ways, and because of that our brain starts to work at full capacity. So if you feel stuck in comfort – let’s travel!
  2. Sometimes to develop your creativity you should stay a little boring. This means that it is necessary to organize your life, create a plan, and make a calendar. It’s better to engage in creative stuff for a little bit every day, and to create something grand over time, than to plunge once into the sea of creativity and drown there with your hands and feet. Therefore Austin Cleon recommends to start your own calendar, divide your creative work on daily pieces. And after making the scheduled work, cross out the cell/line in your calendar. This will motivate you to go on and not break the chain.


Of course, these are just some nice things from this exciting book “Steal Like An Artist”.

If you are not interested to read this book yet, then here are few another reasons why you should:

  1. “Steal Like An Artist” is a kind of illustrated guide for those who want to make their lives more creative, interesting and exciting. This book is for those who likes the art, who has a hobby, who wants to try something new. This is a book for those who want to develop yourself.
  2. This book will inspire you to make your everyday life more fun and versatile. Austin Kleon shows that you do not need to be super-duper talented person to make your life more creative. You should just want this and follow at least some of his recommendations.
  3. This book will tell you that each hobby, each talent is worthwhile and that there is no shy to imitate some of the famous people, or begin to learn something new if you’re not a young person or you’ve left school/university many years ago. We learn for life and can make creative stuff at any age.


Total score- 5/5

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