Top 5 TV-shows

5 great TV-shows with exciting stories, great actors and unrivaled emotions, which I recommend you to watch.

Game of Thrones


“Game of Thrones”  is the famous American fantasy series made by HBO. It’s based on the series of fantasy novels “A Song of Ice and Fire” – bestseller of George R. R. Martin. This is thrilling story about seven kingdoms of the Westeros which are fighting among themselves for the Iron Throne. Honor and courage, friendship and love, betrayal and conspiracy – these all are strongly intertwined in six seasons of the series.

IMDb: 9.5



“Sherlock” is a British mini-serial of Hartswood Films, filmed for BBC One. The plot of the series develops around detective Sherlock Holmes and his friend Dr. Watson – the famous heroes of Arthur Conan Doyle’s works. The genius Sherlock Holmes as always comes to help the Scotland Yard and solve the complicated riddles, but does this in the XXI century. Now the notes changed to mobile phone, Dr. Watson writes his memoirs is in the form of a blog on the Internet, and favorite Holmes’ pipe turned to nicotine patches. The only constant thing is Holmes’ enemy – desperate evil genius Jim Moriarty, who wants to destroy Sherlock.

IMDb: 9.3


“Fargo” is American TV-show in genre of crime drama created by FX channel. Serial is inspired by the eponymous film of 1996, filmed by the brothers Coen, who were executive producers of the series. The series is full of black humor and sarcasm, and tells us the incident that occurred in a small provincial town of Bemidji in Minnesota. Starring – Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman.

IMDb: 9.0

House of Cards


“House of Cards” is one of the famous American TV series in genre of political drama, shot by Netflix. The series is an adaptation of the eponymous BBC mini-series, based on the novel by Michael Dobs. Actions in the “House of Cards” take place in Washington, where an ambitious congressman from the Democratic Party, Frank Underwood in return for a promise to make him Secretary of State helps Gareth Walker to become a president. But not everything happens just we wanted, and angry by betrayal Frank and his wife are willing to do anything to take revenge for newly created President. And this is only the beginning of global changes in the careers of Frank Underwood, who played so great by Kevin Spacey.

IMDb: 9.0


“Narcos” is an American crime thriller television series created and produced by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro exclusively for Netflix. The series is a kind of chronicle of becoming Pablo Escobar (played by Brazilian actor Wagner Moura) as head of Medellín drug cartel and his confrontation with the agents of Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

IMDb: 8.90

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