August Favorites

Sunny summer is over, the magic golden autumn is ahead. Yere there is a lot of happy and positive summer moments to remember. So this is a list of my August Favorites.



Favorite book of August is “The Crossroads of Should and Must” by talented artist and designer Elle Luna. This book is a kind of guide on the way to finding your Must, your calling. Interesting and bright, this book helps to understand desires and motivates to action.






“Saving Mr. Banks” is a US-British biographical drama directed by John Lee Hancock, starring Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks.

This is the story about production of Disney film «Mary Poppins”. Famous film director and producer, Walt Disney, inspired by the story of Mary Poppins, promised his daughters to film this story. After 20 years, Disney meets a writer P. L. Travers to discuss details of the film. Sketches, scenery, music – just like in the magical Disney movies. But British conservative writer doesn’t go on compromises, because her story of Mary Poppins is not just fiction, it’s something more.



In August, I discovered an American popular science documentary series “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey”. It is a continuation of the series “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage”, directed by Carl Sagan and which is considered as the cornerstone of popular scientific documentary.

The host of the show, and while his co-author, is a famous astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, PhD in physics, science communicator. Also he is an author of several books about astronomy. In this series Neil Tyson tells not only about the space, planets and galaxies but also about the structure of matter, the evolution of our world, the development of science.

Therefore, I recommend to watch this series not only to fans of the space and science, but also to all those who love to discover something new and enrich intellectually.



Favorite dish of August is the chocolate-nut sticks. These are delicious soft cookies with chocolate chips and nuts. The recipe will be available soon.



Of course, summer is a wonderful time of a year, it’s warm and sunny. However, sun rays dry the hair, making it dull. To return your hair a healthy shine and silkiness use the Kallos Aloe Vera Moisture Repair Shine Musk.

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